The High-Governance of No-Framework

With evidence in hand, no-framework is the perfect alternative to frameworks. With a completed and working no-framework application, we can now revisit the arguments made against the no-framework development strategy in Part 1 of the series. Through the use of high governance, no-framework development is not only possible but a desirable development strategy. But what […]

jQuery 3.0 Final Release!

jQuery 3.0 is now released! This version has been in the works since October 2014. We set out to create a slimmer, faster version of jQuery (with backwards compatibility in mind). We’ve removed all of the old IE workarounds and taken advantage of some of the more modern web APIs where it made sense. It […]

Application & Tools: Tools that Will Make a Web Developer’s Life Easier

Today, the world has grown so much and has been so friendly for developers, thousands of tools floating in the market for free, but we need to realize and have them in our bucket whenever required. I will be discussing few important tools, which are handy and work out for every developer. Tools!! FIREBUG The […]