.NET Framework: Generic Repository Pattern in ASP.NET MVC

This article will guide you through creating a small application using generic repository pattern in MVC framework. This article is basically targeted for beginner to intermediate level programmer so that they could at least understand how to develop ASP.NET MVC app. After reading this article you will be in position to understand the followings: Basic concept […]

Design & Architecture: Framework Coupling

Are you using frameworks the right way? Are you using frameworks for business purposes or the other way around? Are your business classes dependent on frameworks? Can I press delete button on your Spring, Guice, Hibernate, JPA dependencies and still be able to test and use your business features? If not, you might have a […]

All Software is Legacy

In what may be judged in years to come as a moment of madness, I have volunteered to be the primary maintainer of the Perl CGI module (CGI.pm). For the non-technical readers of this post: CGI.pm is a few thousand lines of code that in the mid to late nineties, and even some years later, […]