Developers: APIs are crucial to business, but tough to get right

A survey of API developers claims security, customer satisfaction, and speed of deployment are among the biggest challenges APIs matter, big time, and not offering an API deprives your software or service of a crucial audience. But it’s tough to get an API right because of unintegrated tooling, security issues, and the difficulty of iterating […]

ASP.NET: Async Await with Web Forms Over Multiple Postbacks

Support for asynchronous procedures (using async / await) is great in C# and VB languages, and works very well in desktop (WinForms, WPF, console and others) applications. But there are web applications, like based on ASP.NET Web Forms, where support for asynchronous procedures are much less exposed. Microsoft itself states, that support for asynchrony (using […]

Microsoft plans to add containers to Windows client

Microsoft has been public about its plans to add two types of containers to Windows Server 2016. But so far, company officials haven’t talked about plans to bring container support to Windows client. However, adding containers to Windows 10 looks to be in the cards, as a recent Microsoft job posting makes clear. From the […]